Brooklyn-based sound design company Puremagnetik has just announced the release of Snare Designer, a free pack of multi-mic’d studio snare drums, programmed to give you complete control over close, overhead, and ambient microphones.

Puremagnetik Snare Designer

Snare Designer includes instruments of the classic Ludwig Acrolite, Mapex Birch and Pork Pie Little Squealer snare drums, programmed for individual microphone tweaking and detailed tone sculpting. Whether you are producing rock, electronic, jazz or film scoring, this free sound pack delivers a huge palette of percussive colors to your production.

The Ableton Live and Kontakt versions include a custom control panel that gives you access to direct, overhead, room and “trashcan” microphones.

The Logic version loads as Track Stacks of the multi-mic recordings including all direct, room and special effect microphones.

Snare Designer is a free download for Ableton Live 10, Kontakt 5, and Logic 10.2.

More information: Puremagnetik