Puremagnetik has announced the release of Grainstation-C, an open-source, granular performance workstation designed to build real-time, evolving sound sculptures with optional ambisonics.

It seamlessly integrates with a Novation LaunchControl XL Mark 2 (easily modifiable for any other controller) and can processes 4 disk tracks and 3 live input streams.

You can save any state as a snapshot and morph to that snapshot at any point in a performance. It has 6 independent pitch delay lines, 6 switchable low pass and high pass filters, live audio looping and multiple granular processing controls including granular time-stretching, frame animation and granular pitch shifting.

Grainstation-C was used throughout the production of Micah Frank’s new album Quetico, out today on Puremagnetik. It is available through Bandcamp as a free (name your price) digital download and limited edition cassette.

The Grainstation-C software is available from GitHub. It requires Csound.

More information: Grainstation-C