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Puremagnetik releases MalletPak One sample library


Puremagnetik has released MalletPak One, a high quality multisampled wooden marimba sample library.

Puremagnetik MalletPak One

MalletPak One is a collection of 13 multisampled marimba instruments. It was recorded in a reflective room with a pair of Shure KSM32s in an ORTF configuration to capture the wide stereo field of the instrument.

Four different mallet types were used with multiple hits for round- robin triggering and several velocity layers each. A violin bow recorded for each marimba bar creates an eerily textured patch with infinite sustain. A hybrid patch combining mallet strikes with the bowed texture allows you to mix between articulations.

The Logic, Kontakt and Ableton versions include a massive program that includes all 4 mallet types for easy switching during a performance or recording. Additionally, there are several synthetic patches using the marimba as sound source to create unique new musical tones.

MalletPak was produced in collaboration with artist Richard Lainhart.

MalletPak One features

  • 13 multi-sampled instruments (9 for Renoise).
  • Over 900 high quality samples.
  • Advanced Ableton Live Racks with Macro Controls.
  • “Renoise Ready” XRNI files for instant playability.
  • Kontakt KSP easy edit GUI.

MalletPak One for Ableton Live 8, Kontakt 4, Renoise and Logic is now available to Puremagnetik subscribers.

More information: Puremagnetik / MalletPak One

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