Puremagnetik Phazeform

Puremagnetik has released Phazeform, a captivating library of instruments and phrases based on Casio’s Phase Distortion technology of the CZ-1.

Additionally, Phazeform includes a collection of looped phrases from the SK-1 and VL-Tone classics.

The mothership of Casio synthesis, the CZ-1 was a remarkable piece of technology in its day, emulated by other leading synthesizer manufacturers. Casio’s CZ line of Phase Distortion synthesizers are incredibly unique devices that used digital synthesis without a filter as opposed to traditional analog subtractive synthesis with a filter. The CZ line used phase distortion to somewhat simulate an analog filter, it had in total eight different waveforms: as well as the standard sawtooth, square, and pulse waveforms, it had a special double sine waveform, a half-sine waveform, and three waveforms with simulated filter resonance: resonant sawtooth, triangle, and trapezoidal waveforms.

The VL-Tone hybrid calculator/synthesizer, has a warm place in the hearts of many with its simple electronic sounds, factory rhythms and built-in speaker. Despite having few synthesis options the VL-Tone has a single note sequencer (fun!), an LFO and ADSR generator. Nevertheless the VL-Tone is a unique little creature that has found its way onto many famous recordings.

Phazeform features

  • Complete palette of famous Phase Distortion sounds.
  • Multi-sampled CZ library with advanced DAW integration.
  • A collection of expertly programmed clips.
  • Sound set of percussion menus.
  • Custom Kontakt KSP GUI and native Kontakt effects.

Phazeform is available for subscribers (subscriptions starting at $5.75 USD/month).

More information: Puremagnetik