Puremagnetik has released Retroputer for Ableton 6, a collection of Bleepy, Glitchy, Digital Tonal Sequencing Racks.

Heavily influenced by Elektron’s Monomachine, Retroputer comes packed with crunchy digital waveforms, all categorized into 10 individual “Machines”.

Puremagnetik Retroputer


  • Machines types include:
    • SID – Based on the original Commodore 64 SID chip
    • Formant – Voice modeled waveforms and sounds
    • MegaDigi – Characteristic of digital waveforms
    • MegaWave – Emulated analog oscillator waveforms and sounds
    • FM – Modern digital FM type sounds
  • Over 140 unique waveforms
  • Over 60 Live clip patterns
  • Easy “Modular” instrument building
  • Standalone simpler waveform menus
  • Extensive macro control mapping

You’ll need to subscribe to Puremagnetik to download Retroputer (subscriptions starting at $5.75/month).

Visit Puremagnetik for more information.