Push Button Bang Rise 2 Beyond Noise SFX

Push Button Bang has launched Rise 2: Beyond Noise SFX, a collection of exotic noise and special effects to create tension and release in your audio productions and Ableton sets.

The original Rise collection has proven to be one of the most popular FX collections at loopmasters.

This new instalment pushes the boundaries of exotic noise, providing 580 original FX sounds, perfect for all forms of modern music and media production.

Whizzing, exploding, collapsing and ascending, all can be used collaboratively or individually, creating intricate and motionful crescendos, BIG FX moments, cinematic impacts and energetic musical transitions with drag and drop simplicity.

Rise 2 is the easy way to form complex noise elements and is guaranteed to add new dimensions of energy and movement to your audio productions.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Push Button Bang / Rise 2: Beyond Noise SFX