Pyjaman ctr

Pyjaman hrmnx

Pyjaman has released ctr and hrmnx, two freeware plug-in effects for Windows and Mac.

ctr & hrmnx features

  • ctr cuts the sound in sync (bpm) with a simple envelope of ADSR values which you can draw.
    It also features equalizer and delay effects.
  • hrmnx is a simple trigger.
    You can mix and add to your source: rect, sin, pink noise, etc. (tunable with by drawing).
    The plug-in has individual pan controls & mute buttons and it furthermore features a random pan button, downsample, equalizer and overdrive effects and a dry/wet control.
    You can set the trigger level manually.

ctr and hrmnx are available as freeware plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Note: you will need the Pluggo runtime to run these plug-ins. Get it here.

Visit Pyjaman for more information.