Pyjaman strr Pluggo VST plug-in

Pyjaman has added a few new Pluggo plug-ins to his collection, strr, frnds and frndsab.

strr is an experimental beat slicer that works like an arpeggiator on the slices/notes played. After loading a sample you select the region you want to play it on and you can set the pitch swing and repetition of the slice.

frnds and frndsab play random samples (wav/aiff) in a user specified folder after it detects a signal (i.e. by microphone). frnds is limited to play a maximum of 1 minute/10 samples whereas frndsab is unlimited.

You’ll need Cycling ’74 Pluggo to use these plug-ins, so get the free runtime here in case you haven’t installed it yet.

More information: Pyjaman’s Pluggo Collection