Pyramind has announced three Ableton Live Workshops that are coming up through its Online Class & Mentorship Program.

On April 6th, 7-9pm Pacific, there’s Faster Songwriting in Ableton Live 10, an online course by Jamie Blake who shares a wealth of experience and knowledge from his years in the studio, on stage and in the classroom.

Workshop Jamie Blake

Ableton 10 has so many workflow improvements waiting to help you speed up the production process and make better music as a result. In this online workshop, Ableton Certified Trainer Jamie Blake will lead you through his workflow showing you countless tips, tricks and best practices along the way. You will leave this class feeling more confident about your production skills and knowledge of Ableton Live in general.

See how using Session View and Arrangement View in tandem can help you create quick melodic and beat iterations to advance the development of your arrangement easily. Learn how subtractive composition can help you build solid arrangements faster and how to leverage different musical elements to keep the production process moving along smoothly.

Arthur Galestian is on at April 11th, 7-9pm Pacific, with Producing on the Road in Ableton Live, a course that taps into the minimalist mindset of downsizing your gear and maximizing your creative output.

Workshop Arthur Galestian

Combine two passions – music and travel – into one! Whether you’re planning to take a short trip for a few days, or extended travel over a few weeks, months, or even years, don’t let the lack of studio access deter you from your musical productivity.

For nearly 3 years, Arthur Galestian has been living a semi-nomadic life, having traveled to 35+ countries to date, and producing music entirely on a mobile music production setup running Ableton Live. His most recent music projects were completed entirely on the road in places like Bali, Thailand, Japan, and British Columbia – signing to labels including Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Black, ICONYC Music, Radikal Records and more.

On April 12th, 4-6pm PST, Josh Spoon is back with Building Creative Ableton Live Racks, a course that covers the basics of building Live Racks.

Workshop Josh Spoon

If you use Ableton Live and want to achieve more unique results, this is a workshop you should not miss! Josh Spoon, experienced producer and Ableton Certified Trainer, will show you the basics of rack building, some of the most essential tools that will improve your workflow and help you find your signature sound. All this through the lens of actually creating several racks in real-time during the class!

Standing out in the crowd can be tough. Getting a little help from an expert who’s successfully navigated these waters and trained countless producers is one of the best ways to fast-track the process. Gain a deeper understanding of the tools commonly used by professionals in Ableton Live and how they can be leveraged to help elevate your music to a new standard of excellence and interest.

Workshop tickets are available now.

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