Pyramind has announced Sound Design Bootcamp: FM Synthesis, an upcoming workshop with Jor van der Poel.

Pyramind Workshop Sound Design Bootcamp FM Syntehsis with Jor van der Poel

The workshop will cover the basics with a general overview and some technical background information, as well as different implementations in specific tools.

This workshop is for anybody that wants to get a full grasp on what Frequency Modulation is all about, which will allow you to use it in a variety of ways throughout your productions, not just in FM Synthesizers. After all FM is just a modulation technique – on steroids. Understanding it’s, often subtle and delicate, approach is a key to getting a whole range of new sounds, from simple but complex timbre variations to wildly aggressive lead and bass sounds.

Rather than just talking about one synth in this workshop, we are going to talk about the entirety of FM and what it can do with our signals (sounds!).

Sound Design Bootcamp: FM Synthesis will cover:

  • Origins of FM Synthesis.
  • FM Synthesis Basics and implementations.
  • Achieving specific timbres.
  • De-constructing Sounds.
  • FM Synthesis with Samples.
  • Developing workflows.
  • A full overview of FM8.
  • FM Synthesis with Samples.
  • Morphing Sounds.
  • Advanced MIDI learn tricks.
  • Microtonality (& using custom scales).
  • Much more.

The workshop takes place on March 28th, 4-6pm Pacific. Tickets are now available for an early bird price of $44.27 USD incl. fee.

A purchase includes a seat in the workshop, 1 month free streaming of the workshop video, and free exclusive content including various FM8 sounds that showcase different techniques.

More information: Pyramind