Pyramind has announced the EDM Mixing Workshop, an online workshop that will go deep into mixing Electronic Dance Music, sharing popular workflows and professional insights along the way.

Pyramind Mixing EDM

In this workshop, Kriss Walas will share the techniques he has developed over the last 15 years, with a focus on emotional impact and frequency cooperation.

The event will be streamed on December 12th, 3pm and 7pm Pacific, live from The Continuum Music Studio, a mixing and mastering studio outfitted with the best ITB plugins and some of the most revered analog hardware.

Our goal is to help you gain confidence in the processes involved in mixing electronic music, from an informed perspective. During the first half of the workshop, you will achieve a deeper understanding of professional mixing techniques to improve your overall sound in profound ways. Kriss will walk you through the entire mixing workflow and share comprehensive examples of how different processing and routing techniques impact the overall mix. You will also learn about session organization, signal routing, and creating the depth and width heard in professional mixes.

The second half of the course will be dedicated to concepts like serial compression, parallel processing, cascading aux sends, mixing by frequency/emotion, summing and mix bus processing. Mixing is an art. As someone who is mixing an EDM track, your goal is to develop workflows and techniques that help your music come to life in powerful ways. By the end of this workshop, you will have a better understanding of how this is done.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Track Awareness & Organization
  • Signal Flow & Routing
  • Serial vs Parallel Processing
  • Mixing Various Instrument Types
  • Managing FX
  • Transitions & Drops
  • The Mix Bus

On Decmeber 13th, Local Dialect will host Writing a Remix that Stands Out, an online workshop that shows you how you can optimize your workflow and environment in order to call forth the spark that makes remixing fun again.

Pyramind Writing a Remix that stands out

Local Dialect will teach you some hacks and strategies for getting your creative juices flowing and avoiding the pitfalls that drag you down.

What does it really take to compose, arrange, and produce a remix that stands out from the noise? Putting in more studio hours than everyone else? Rewriting the melody in a crazier way? Watching more YouTube tutorials?

Actually, it’s none of the above. All it really takes is an awareness of your environment, your tools, and most importantly, your own mind. Developing an understanding of these things allows you to systematize and streamline their use to support your creativity.

The workshops are available for $59.99 USD each.

More information: Pyramind