QESounds Altered Reality FX

QESounds has announced the the release of the first installment of the Altered Reality FX sound sample libraries for Kontakt.

The ARFx libs are libraries comprised of “piquers” (as in to “pique” one’s interest).

The sounds are created from recordings of unusual real-world objects and instruments which undergo extensive processing to create unusual elements for soundtrack design.

The processing includes stereo placement/enhancement, EQ, AM, pan modulation, pitch stretching, reverb, convolution, excitation, and in-house proprietary processes.

This initial release includes five download versions priced at $24.96 each, a 16 bit DVD version priced at $74.95 and a 24 bit DVD version priced at $99.95. Each download version contains 264 sounds – the 16 bit DVD version contains 1056 sounds and the 24 bit DVD version contains 1320 sounds.

There are also options for upgrading from download versions to DVD versions. There is a Free sample version available for download from the QESounds website.

Visit QESounds for more information.