Sam Zwart aka Qoopr has released the Qoops Loops ‘n Boops Kit, a collection on loops, synth presets, and FL Studio project files and presets.

Qoopr Qoops Loops 'n Boops

The kit features a collection of space-y styled presets and samples.

It’s a pack containing some Massive synths, samples and flp’s of my past projects.

The kit is called: Qoops Loops ‘n Boops because the pack is really focused on what my style of music is.

Qoops Loops ‘n Boops features

  • 15 Massive presets (synths).
  • 8 Melody loops.
  • 5 flp’s (unreleased beats and more).
  • 10 lil FL Studio presets.

The pack is available for download for $5 USD.

More information: Qoopr