Sonic Zest has returned with another sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Quantum Marimba features the sounds of a deep-sampled concert marimba played pianissimo.

You’re about to enter the marimba’s quantum realm. This is the sound of a concert marimba being played at the very edge of silence, or to use the technical term: pianissimo (meaning to perform ‘very softly’). Quantum Marimba is pervasively cinematic and will start you on a journey of inspiration from your first hit.

We’ve mapped these super soft articulations across the full dynamic range within Kontakt. What that means is when you firmly hit a note on your keyboard you still get the sound of a marimba played pianissimo. And when you play your keyboard softly the sound will dampen further still.

The library is available at Sonic Zest for $16 USD.

Vocals and samples for Pop and genres alike

Function Loops has announced the release of its new sample pack Vocal Pop 2021, a collection of over 500MB of modern pop vocals, drums, melodies, music loops, instruments, one-shot samples, MIDI files, and other tools to help you produce your next hits.

Each vocal kit comes with the full acapella (dry and wet), but also lead, backing vocals, choruses, etc. There’s also included a solid folder of MIDI files, as well as a one-shots folder filled with anything from bass hits to kicks, pianos to snares, guitar shots to snaps, synths to hats, and more.

All sounds are 100% royalty-free – freely usable in commercial projects, no strings attached.

Vocal Pop 2021 is available at a launch price of $14 USD. Any purchase also comes with 3 exclusive free bonuses for a limited time.

Unusual sounds of glass

HISS and a ROAR has launched its new sound fx library GLASS Unusual FX, a 17GB collection of squeaks and groans of window panes, audio windscreens, vessels, chimes, and more.

My initial plans for a small concise library rapidly grew out of control as I began exploring the medium, until I eventually had over 15 hours of recordings in my edit session. And just as I thought I was nearing completion, I innocently asked on social media if there were any other glass sounds that people have trouble finding. The response provided so many excellent ideas that I ended up having to split the library in two.

As the title infers, SD047 GLASS Unusual FX collates the stranger sounds while all the more practical glass sounds are collected in the imminent SD048 GLASS Practical FX, due for release next week.

SD047 GLASS Unusual FX costs $99 USD. Save 33% with coupon code VASE at the checkout until March 14th, 2021.

The Sweet Spot for BX_Oberhausen

Soundsdivine has announced the release of a collection of 150 presets for the BX_Oberhausen software synthesizer by Brainworx.

Using BX_Oberhausen’s modulation matrix to the full, every patch is designed to be as expressive and dynamic as possible and to emulate the feeling of playing a real SEM.

‘The Sweet Spot‘ features classic analog synth sounds from the 1970’s and 80s and features sumptuous brass swells, distorted lo-fi pads, thumping basses, drifty analog synth sounds, plucky arpeggios, searing lead sounds and much more.

The soundset is available for purchase for 29 EUR ex. VAT at the Soundsdivine online shop.