Quiet Art Wave Rider

Quiet Art has released version 3.0 of Wave Rider, an automatic volume control, gate, duck and trace effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Wave Rider v3 brings Pro Tools 11 compatibility with a new 64bit build. As well as making it fit into PT11, we gave the algorithm a once over and addressed the biggest request from our user base: A ratio control for signals that are above the targeted level.

Now the louder signals can be controlled in the same fashion as the quiet signals: Heavy handed or loosely. We also took advantage of a new feature of the PT11 SDK that gave us some look ahead time to play with to smooth out the volume automation even more.

The result is a much more flexible Wave Rider that allows you to take full control of how you want your signal levelled out. The new improved Wave Rider is sure to impress music mixers and post mixers alike.

Wave Rider for Windows and Mac (RTAS/AAX) is available to purchase for $149 USD (sales tax included where applicable). Wave Rider v2 users can upgrade for $25 USD.

More information: Wave Rider