QuikQuak Fusion Field

QuikQuak has announced Fusion Field, an easy to use diffusion reverb effect.

The announcement reads:

Made in response to requests for a RaySpace ‘light’ and a version of Glass Viper’s own diffusion reverb.

Fusion Field features

  • Smooth reverb for the whole diffusion tail.
  • Fast editing, for that quick grab effect.
  • Clear diffused sound, without early reflections.
  • Great for adding sheen to vocals, strings and ambiences.
  • Plain visual feedback of filters.
  • Adjustable complexity, for lower CPU usage.
  • Zero latency.

QuikQuak has not yet announced when it will be available but the announcement reads it will be a “low cost” product. Some audio demos are available on the QuikQuak website.

Visit QuikQuak for more information.