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QuikQuak updates Crowd Chamber to v2.0 and Glass Viper to v1.2

QuikQuak Crowd Chamber

QuikQuak has released version 2.0 of large scale crowd simulator Crowd Chamber, and version 1.2 of Glass Viper, a synthesizer with unique waveform shaping.

Crowd Chamber is an audio plug-in that layers multiple variations of a signal to create a crowd simulation. From simple chorusing effects, small crowds and stadiums, on to impossible situations and effects.

Changes in Crowd Chamber v2.0

  • New algorithm.
  • The complex feedback system has now been replaced by simple global parameters.
  • Global Spread dial stretches out each voice over time, used to create large crowds, or weird individual effects.
  • Overall spectral shift control, for creating large global pitch effects.
  • Huge reduction in CPU usage for large crowd simulations.
  • Reduced initial delay for large crowds.
  • Increased basic population value.
  • Extra presets demonstrating new capabilities.
  • Simplified GUI and clearer labelling.
  • PDF manual added.

Changes in Glass Viper v1.2

  • Preset saving errors in Garage Band, fixed.
  • Pitch LFO small range problems, fixed.
  • Minor memory freeing issues on exit, cleaned up.

More information: QuikQuak

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