Rado Records Live Pocket Drums

Rado Records has announced the release of its Live Pocket Drums collection of live drum loops.

It is intended to bring to life boring electronic drums and add some vitality and spirit of the acoustic drum kit. Moreover this library contains 100% live grooves performed by a professional drummer.

These grooves add a natural sound and give the real acoustic impression. Anyone who heard such artists as Crystal Method, Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim and so could feel the energy of live drums in electronic music.

Live Pocket Drums features

  • 333 samples.
  • 4 categories: Drum Fills (78 loops), Full Drums (142 loops) Hi-Hats (68 loops) and Toms (45 loops).
  • 2 formats: wav and rex2.
  • 4 tempos: 90bpm, 128bpm, 150bpm and 160bpm.
  • studio quality (24bit/48kHz).
  • REAPER project-file of the demo track.

The sample pack is available to purchase for 12 EUR.

Visit Rado Records for more information.