Rankin Audio has released Downtempo Electronica Maschine Kits, a collection of 15 kits featuring a range of loops, one shots and Massive presets ready to help you create a bountiful wonderland of Downtempo beauty.

Rankin Audio Downtempo Electronica Maschine Kits

Rich organic sounds recorded from live instruments and field recordings give a level of warmth and depth you simply wont find anywhere else. Lush chords and crunchy drum hits that patter away and weave delicately in and out of think basslines.

Each kit is laid out with multiple patterns representing different potential points of a track and are ready and waiting for you to dive into and get creative with. Everything is designed to not only be tweak-able and remix-able but to give you an idea of how projects can be sequenced and work flows created.

With over 290 Loops and One Shots included in the kits you wont be short of amazing sounds to thread into your own projects for years to come. This is an amazing pack for beautiful Electronica and infectious Downtempo. Welcome to a new era of Maschine kits.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Rankin Audio / Downtempo Electronica Maschine Kits