Parawave Audio has released an update to the Rapid synthesizer instrument.

Parawave Rapid 185

Version 1.8.5 adds new Chorus X and Vintagizer effects, improves the preset browser and adds compatibility for MacOS Big Sur.

Chorus X is a new effect slot for Rapid. It’s a multi-stage dual chorus that can be used to create vintage-sounding ensemble chorus effects, phasing fx, small plate reverbs and much more.

Rapid chorus x

Various unique parameters allow a detailed and versatile control over the chorus stages and offer a variety of characteristics. The stereo visualization of each stage gives you a good idea of what the overall result will sound like.

Vintagizer is another new and unique effect. Various emulations and vintage processors are applied to the signal to reproduce the behavior of old devices such as vinyl, cassette tapes, wire recorders and much more.

Rapid vintagizer

This effect is perfect for LoFi genres. With 24 different device models with loudspeaker, drift, artifact, tube and noise control, you can fine tune the desired result and quickly give vocals or general sounds a unique touch.

The sound preset browser on the master page now consists of different views.

The new search view offers a quick way to search for presets by entering a keyword. In addition, multiple tags and other filters can be applied to quickly find presets for your purpose.

Rapid preset search

Each preset can be marked as a favorite or added to a custom preset collection to enhance the workflow with many presets and projects. Moreover, the browser got many small features like renaming and duplication of presets.

The improved browser now allows you to drag and drop presets.

Rapid layer loading

To load a preset directly into a layer, simply drag the preset file onto one of the eight layer buttons. This allows you to create massive patches instantly by joining previously created sounds into one large patch.

With the latest version of Mac OS 11 (Big Sur), Apple presented its new ARM-based Apple Silicon M1 chips. Previously, Rapid 1.8.0 could already be executed with the Rosetta 2 Intel to ARM emulator supplied. To provide the best performance for this new platform, Rapid for Mac now natively supports the ARM64 instruction set.

Changes in Rapid v1.8.5

  • New effect: Chorus X.
  • New effect: Vintagizer.
  • New insert: Sample and Hold.
  • Preset search: Sort by type, name, bank or date.
  • Filter presets by type tags, keywords, bank or author.
  • Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Rename and Browse functionality for preset entries in the browser.
  • Drag and Drop preset entries to other banks.
  • Preset favorites: Can be marked by a star and are now browsable in the favorite view.
  • Preset collections: Reference presets in multiple favorite lists.
  • Layer Loading: Drag and Drop preset entries onto layer buttons to load the first layer.
  • New Options: Set the default output level to 0, -3, -6, -9 or -12 dBFS.
  • Compatibility for MacOS 11 (Big Sur) and Apple Silicon (ARM64) platform.
  • Increased bitcrusher fx rate reduction accuracy at high frequencies.
  • Currently selected bank and preset row is now restored if the plugin instance is reloaded or duplicated.
  • Deleting user library samples will now move the files to the trash bin.
  • Removed preset browser “One-Click” loading option. This can be done now by using the middle mouse button, or shift key + left click, or command key + left click.
  • Changing the bank/preset sort order will now retain the selected row.
  • Hanging note events in some DAWs that unusually triggered on/off when stopping or using a visual keyboard.
  • Hanging notes due to small loops in arpeggiator MIDIs that had adjacent notes at the end of the loop.
  • Avoid out of bounds index access when resynthesizing samples with very low root note resampling ratios.
  • Changed the oscillator source browser colour scheme to a dark theme.
  • Added hover states for preset and content lists.
  • 54 Chorus X Presets.
  • 45 Vintagizer Presets.
  • 29 Rapid FX Presets.
  • 9 Feature Presets.

Rapid is offered at 40% off as part of a Winter Sale until January 5th, 2021 (regular 179.99 EUR). Owners of Rapid can update for free.

More information: Parawave Audio