Rast Sound has announced its upcoming Designer Drums, a unique instrument that offers a versatile and realistic sounding drum tool.

The dual layer intelligent rhythm engine for Kontakt lets you select, mix and morph drums in real time.

We always wanted a more versatile and realistic sounding drum tool. One that could be used for any style, one that would result in much better dynamic behaviour when compared to typical velocity-volume systems and one with which creating unique timbres by combining (and cross mixing) different styles of kits is a breeze.

So we decided to create it!

Along the road we conceptualised how to mimic the change in colour and timbre of hits with different velocity inputs without being limited to capturing zillions of sound snapshots and layers for each kit.

Finally we have developed the technology and after many iterations, it works! With designer drums the velocity input from a skilled player or a meticulously written MIDI part creates much more than only volume changes, creating more realistic and time-varying drum parts with multiple layered real time processing.

Designer Drums is available to pre-order for 49 EUR (regular 79 EUR). The instrument will be released on November 8th.

More information: Rast Sound