Rast Sound has announced availability of its 2020 VIP Access, a value offer on all upcoming products of 2020.

We have delivered massive value to our VIP Access Members in 2019, more than what is promised. Members of this inner circle received all 10 commercial releases plus an exclusive library with a much affordable price.

We will go even further for 2020 VIP Access and deliver at least 12 libraries (500+ EUR value) plus an exclusive release with even a better offer until January 7th.

The VIP Access features:

  • All Libraries and/or plugins released (only) in 2020.
  • 12 or more commercial releases.
  • 500 EUR minimum total value.
  • Receive VIP Access only emails notifying releases.
  • (Bonus) 1 extra exclusive library, only available to VIP Access & Colours customers.

2020 VIP Access is now available for purchase for 199 EUR until January 7th, 2020. The first releases will be available in January.

More information: Rast Sound