Rast Sound has announced the release of an update to its Hang Melo sample library featuring the sounds of 2 solo hang instruments recorded with Claudio Vadala.

Standing on the boundaries of percussive and tonal, Hang Melo 3 brings two expressive playable hang drum instruments with multiple solo styles and an immense pattern library. The update includes Rast Sounds v3 engine with sample start randomization for more realism.

Hang Melo 3 comes with 2 different solo hangs, first one with a mellow sound and the second more punchy. Both of these are sampled in detail and they can be mixed to create even a richer sound. The library brings muted glove solo and solo trills as well.

In addition to solos Hang Melo 3 offers a wealth of patterns and phrase plays. You can find composer, tribal patterns as well as natural and experimental loops. Add micro patterns to your solos or create tracks just with the pattern library.

Hang Melo 3 features

  • 774 MB unzipped (Kontakt full version & 24-bit Wav).
  • 425 samples.
  • 115 patterns.
  • 2 solo hang instruments.
  • 3 articulations and up to 11 velocity layers.

Hang Melo 3 is on sale for the intro price of 29 EUR for a limited time (regular 49 EUR).

More information: Rast Sound