Rast Sound has launched Balkan Vocals, a new sample library for Kontakt and Wav.

Balkan Vocals is an evocative vocal library to inspire cinematique, ambient productions as well as dance/experimental stylings, full of intricate local taste and color.

Our richest vocal library yet, this time from Southeastern Europe, it provides significantly larger and integral content with variety of sounds/tools in search of a fine user experience.

As we try hard with every new release to increase playability of the content through instruments, we have added a number of natural and processed legato instruments for solo performances as well as polyphonic presets to the Kontakt instruments section. Offering you a chance to mix recorded local songs and phrases with playable instruments to form or support your own harmonies.

Rast Sound Balkan Vocals Kontakt

Balkan Vocals features

  • Over 1.6 GB Content (WAV + KONTAKT).
  • 240 Total Samples (many of which are more than 1 min. long).
  • 14 songs and 8 improvisations in 46 stems from 6 countries, from a seasoned performer with strong background in traditional and improvisational music.
  • 15 Instruments (Natural & Crafted Multisample Instruments (including legato), players, Kontakt 5.5 full version or higher).
  • 60 Loops, 12 Phrases.

Balkan Vocals is available for purchase for 38 EUR.

More information: Rast Sound / Balkan Vocals