Rast Sound has announced the release of its new Whistle library, a sample collection in Kontakt and Wav formats.

Recorded and performed in India with multiple solo styles and patterns, our whistle library offers full capability and it is free until 2019.

Whistle features

  • 205 MB for Kontakt & WAV.
  • Legato, Staccato & Vibrato styles and Patterns.
  • Kontakt Full Version 5.7.3 required.

The Whistle library is available as a free download through December.

Rast Sound has also launched its Christmas Deals, offering discounts on selected products throughout the Holiday season.

We also launched self updating Christmas deals, changing every 2 days with offers and gifts (fun stuff). Also, if you wish to upgrade to any collection, reach us through the form on your account or by replying to this email, get 30% better pricing this month.

More information: Rast Sound