Raw Loops has launched Clicks for Kicks, a sample pack featuring 155 kick drum hits with thumping low-end with cracking mids & highs.

150+ Click samples for your Kick drums. Often we mistake focusing all of our attention on the low-end impact of our kick and bass, while at times most of the vibe and groove in the kick really comes from the snap. For this reason we decided to create a pack solely focused on the illusive element 9 times out of 10 is all your kick really needed.

Clicks for Kicks is a simple concept which many get wrong, with this collection you will need to look no further just grab one of the many tones on display here layer it up with your kick, compress for a bit of glueing and be blown away how this subtle difference can change everything in your mix by cutting though creating consistency, punch, depth, and groove.

Click for Kicks costs $8.99 USD.

Also released is Techno House 2, a collection of nearly 300 loops for Tech House music production.

Raw Loops Tech House 2

600+ MBs of the Tougher side of Tech House.

Tech House 2 is an XL library filled with heavy music & synth loops, super low bass, funk-filled beats & percs, snappy top end loops to sit tightly with your groove, and dark sparse vocals.

A follow Up to our first Tech House pack, Tech House 2 packs even more power with a modern-esque flavor.

Tech House 2 is available for purchase for $27.99 USD.

More information: Raw Loops