Raw Loops Deep House Synths

Raw Loops has launched Deep House Synths, a sample pack featuring 100 synth loops.

100 Deep Synth Lead Melodies & Harmonies for the melancholic side of house music. Today’s deep house represents a different sound from its original version, but one thing remains, its all about the hook and chord progression. Doing away with the organ sounds from yesteryear, the modern spell of deep house is conquered by a more metallic and three-dimensional synth driven focus.

As always, if you prefer to write your parts just add these loops to your own samplers & simply create your own parts. Save yourself from hours of fiddling on a synth with potentially a stronger outcome as tweaking a sampler with wet sources can yield many unimaginable results.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $15.99 USD.

More information: Raw Loops / Deep House Synths