Raw Loops New Skool Techno

Raw Loops has launched New Skool Techno, a sample pack featuring 430+MBs of melancholic Techno with driving drum grooves, heavy & rolling basses, dark synth riffs, shuffling hihat loops, vocals samples & more.

New Skool Techno blends two genres of techno from the dark tough beats of Detroit & Berlin, to the modern-esque sound of Techno Festivals worldwide.

Coming in at 213 loops, this sample pack musically fuses two worlds of techno with everything from thick basses, smacking sub-heavy kicks, pushing hats, breathing and movement packed synths, glitched out vocals, backgrounds & more offering every element you need to produce your next record.

The sample pack costs $27.99 USD.

More information: Raw Loops / New Skool Techno