Raw Loops Techno Subs

Techno Subs is a new sample pack by Raw Loops, featuring a collection of 100 bass grooves for modern pumping Techno music.

Subs are the staple for all forms of electronic music and getting this right is crucial to make or break your record, as the age-old dance music concept says “The highs make you bounce your head, while the lows make you move your feet.”

With Techno SUBS sample pack you can easily lock-in your super low-end groove with your 4 to the floor kick drum as the rhythms will always sync up nicely. Just add a little side chain compression to prevent frequency clashing and your tracks will start pushing forward, and you’ll fill the gaps with that much needed rumbling space filler for max impact.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $12.99 USD.

More information: Raw Loops / Techno Subs