Industrial Strength Samples has launched Rawstyle vs. Trap, a electronic music fuse that combines Raw-style and Trap.

Industrial Strength Samples Rawstyle vs Trap

We thought this combo could work very well due to the tempos and certain similarities in production, arrangements etc. We are pleasantly surprised on just how good this pack is, in fact.. Its dope in every sense of the word.

You get a selection of amazing Raw drums combined with Trap elements, mixed together to work as one. This pack might be small but it packs a huge punch. This inspiration starter pack is perfect for the pro and beginner alike.

Now you can infuse these two popular styles as one with no fuss. All the files are Tempo marked and Keyed up. Like all our packs Raw style vs Trap is 100% License Free and ready for any Daw.

This banging collection features our teams signature Kick Drums, Heavy Leads, insane Trap elements and of course everything you here in this demo track is in the pack. Yep Everything.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £24.95 GBP.

Users of Sylenth1 will want to check Jan Van Bass 10 – Ultimate Rawstyle, a sound pack by the German designer and music producer who brings a savage collection of audio files (Wav) combined with sounds for the Sylenth1 synthesizer instrument.

Industrial Strength Jan Van Bass 10 Ultimate Rawstyle

Jan van Bass-10 is a very talented musician, playing multiple Instruments. His love for Hard Electronic music is clearly shown in this amazing new Rawstyle collection. His first music releases was on EDM Records. Then Jan moved to Global Airbeat Recordings and released his first solo singles. His dedication to his craft has lead him down a path of sonic excellence.

He has since worked with acts like Zany, Brooklyn Bounce, Dj Fausto, Dj Gollum and Jan Wayne to name a few. His music productions are featured on a multitude of labels such as Scantraxx, Dutch Master Workz, Partyraiser Records and many more.

Now you have the chance to take this incredible producer’s sonics right into your Daw of choice. This intense collection of sounds is 100% License Free for you to use and yes abuse anyway you want. Everything you here in the demo is in the pack.

Ultimate Rawstyle features

  • 1.2GB content.
  • 1 Bank Sylenth 1 Presets.
  • 23 Rawstyle Fx.
  • 58 Pitched Kick Drums.
  • 14 Specially Krafted Kick Drums.
  • 5 Sub Kicks.
  • 23 Percussion Sounds.
  • 30 Raw Loops.
  • 6 MIDI files.
  • 26 NI Kontakt presets.

The sound pack costs £26.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples