Rayzoon BonzoPak

Rayzoon has released BonzoPak, a new drum kit expansion for Jamstix.

Do you remember the big fat sound from the master’s kit in the 70s? Have you ever wondered what the ‘John’ model in Jamstix would sound like with such a kit? Well, wonder no more because BonzoPak adds it to your Jamstix sound palette!

BonzoPak features

  • 990MB of Ludwig Maple drums and Paiste 2002 cymbals.
  • Up to seven velocity layers with three alternate hits per layer.
  • Five degrees of hihat openness.
  • Recorded in a 17′ high room for massive (but always adjustable) ambience.
  • Includes stick-played kit as well as a mallet-played kits.
  • Single output and multi-output kits with ready-to-go Jamstix EQ and compression settings.
  • Can be used with any other Jamstix 2 style, e-drumkits or traditionally via MIDI by the host.
  • Includes 10 new Jamstix styles modeled after famous rhythms of the 70s.

Rayzoon BonzoPak has an introductory price of #39 USD (normal price $49 USD).

Visit Rayzoon for more information and audio demos.