Raz Audio has announced the release of STC-3, a free spatial expander plugin for Windows, offering precision control of the stereo width.

Raz Audio STC-3

The STC-3 is a precision tool for controlling the stereo width of any stereophonic content. Use it for expanding the stereo field of synth pads, sound effects or soundscapes or to narrow a track to full mono.

Designed for zero artifacts and natural sound, the STC-3 can be used on a single channel or on the bus processor, for both mixing and mastering.

A large stereo-readout display provides a visual feedback of the used expansion and the dedicated ‘LF Processor’ makes sure that the low frequency content is kept vivid and tight, albeit the stereo expansion.

STC-3 is available as a free download for Windows (VST).

More information: Raz Audio / STC-3