Roland Cloud has introduced an authentic plugin recreation of Roland’s iconic tape delay. Created by the makers of the original Space Echo, the RE-201 Space Echo plugin remains true to the genuine analog character of the original, and now it is accessible in your DAW.

The RE-201 is a complex hardware effect, from the preamp design to the unique multi-head tape mechanism and integrated spring reverb. Using the latest modeling technologies and exhaustive analysis of several vintage RE-201s—including a pristine original unit from the Roland factory archive—the RE-201 Space Echo plug-in brings the authentic Space Echo experience to life like no other plug-in can.

RE-201 Space Echo features

  • Iconic tape delay and echo sounds with multiple head combinations and spring reverb
  • Resizable, high-resolution interface brings the feel of using the original hardware
  • Highly detailed and historically accurate graphics with pristine and aged appearances
  • Extended parameters for new sounds and modern production techniques
  • 6 tape-speed LFO shapes with tempo sync plus rate and depth controls
  • Ability to adjust the physical condition of the unit, tape wow and flutter, and motor torque.

Available in VST3, AU, and AAX formats, early access to the RE-201 Space Echo plugin is now available exclusively with a Roland Cloud Ultimate membership. It will be available to purchase via Lifetime Keys from August 13th, 2024.

More information: Roland