Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on I2C8, offering 75% off on the innovative real-time MIDI generator and MIDI sequence generator for both studio and live application.

The plug-in is powered by Re-Compose’s trademark music intelligence algorithms that result in near-limitless possibilities for chord sequence generation: Using a simple pattern language for the definition of repeating chords (the layout resembles a slot machine) and various parameters the output is controlled in real-time. Chords can also be changed manually as you like – there are no predefined chord banks to choose from.

Whenever you add or change a pattern symbol in the pattern definition area, the music intelligence generates a chord for this position and also creates a set of eight alternative chord sequences for the current pattern of symbols. A click on one of the chord boxes is enough to switch to a new variant – this also works during playback, with the new sequence variant being played back with the next loop onset.

It doesn’t stop here: Experiment with feeding a chord progression into an arpeggiator, running several plug-in instances parallel, generating polyrhythmic patterns and finding interesting chord progressions between two or more chords.

I2C8 supports VST/AU and works on all DAWs supporting MIDI routing. It is on sale for only £13.95 GBP / $17 USD until July 1st, 2019.

More information: Plugin Boutique