Re-Compose has announced the first major update of Spexx, an effect plugin that offers spectral manipulation of sound in real-time.

Version 1.1 now supports the AAX format, so you can use it with Pro Tools. Factory presets are now included, too.

It is designed to deeply engage with audio: it not only creates spectral transformation but all kinds of experimental effects you can think of. This makes it an incredibly versatile tool for sound designers, musicians, EDM producers, and others.

Feel like creating a great sounding reverb? Some weird spectral transformations? How about some unique sound the world hasn’t heard yet? Explore possibilities by just playing around or use the included materials to dive deeper into some predefined options.

Changes in Spexx v1.1 features

  • Factory presets (for saving settings or choosing from a selection of factory settings).
  • AAX support (for use with Pro Tools).
  • Installer (for Windows and Mac).
  • Software version check (with a periodic check for updates).
  • Undo / redo buttons (to switch between all setting changes).

Spexx (now renamed Venom) is available from W.A. Production and distributor Plugin Boutique for 69 EUR / $79 USD. The update is free of charge for owners of Spexx.