Reaktion Sound has announced the release of Pulsar, a new Reaktor 6 instrument that creates rhythmic and FX textures from any audio source.

Reaktion Sound Pulsar

PULSAR is basically an effect processor that enables you to apply complex rhythmic and FX/LoFi textures to any kind of audio source. Combining two “Slicers” (independent Step-Sequencers – one per audio channel – with variable gate repeats per step), you can “slice up” your sound and modulate the parameters of the main FX and VCF/VCA sections.

The PULSAR interface was built with focus on instant usability, easy access to all parameters and with a creative approach in making new sounds. Transform any source into a complex pulsating sound, from simple tremolo-like effects to completely distorted/lo-fi sounds with adjustable rhythmic mask. All at the tweak of a knob.

Pulsar features

  • Create your “sliced” signal with the variable number of gate triggers per step.
  • Adjust the sync factor to the host clock, sequence length, step On/Off state and gate width for both sequencers.
  • Shape the overall sound with the analog sounding multimode filter in the VCF section.
  • Insert an effect in the FX section choosing from four different algorithms (Tape Echo, Pitch Shifter, Modulator and Lo-Fi).
  • Make the final adjustment in the VCA section with controls over stereo widening and distortion level.
  • Modulate the main parameters with the CV control from the two step sequencers.
  • Use the CV smooth to glide between values.
  • Mix the dry/wet signals of either the two “slicers” and the main FX.
  • See how parameters are being modulated by the sequencer with the LED blinking inside each main knob.

Pulsar for Reaktor 6 is available for purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: Reaktion Sound / Pulsar