Native Instruments has announced the release of Reaktor 6.4, an update that opens up the virtual modular ecosystem to the NI Community, with User Blocks now patchable in Racks.

REAKTOR 6.4 is here, and with it comes an expansion of the Rack format. You can now use Blocks from the User Library in Racks, including MASCHINE Sequencer, Niji Drums and the long-awaited Jam Sequencer, for Euclidean polyrhythms inside your virtual modular rig.

Reaktor 6.4 features

  • Blocks from the User Library can now be configured for use in Racks mode, allowing front panel Patch’n’Play functionality and easy saving of your patches.
  • User Blocks located in the User Block directory are accessible directly in the Library tab of the REAKTOR Browser, and can be found using the search box in a Rack.
  • The Jam Sequencer is introduced to the User Library, for Euclidean polyrhythms inside your virtual modular synthesiser.
  • Both the MASCHINE Sequencer and Niji Drums modules have also been updated to be compatible with Racks and front-panel patching.

The update also includes many other improvements and fixes. Reaktor 6.4 is available from Native Access.

More information: Native Instruments