Native Instruments has announced the release of the free Reaktor Blocks 1.2 update, adding major improvements for integrating hardware into Reaktor-based setups.

The update adds three new utilities, as well as introducing a Maschine sequencer and a set of eight drum modules designed to recreate the sound of a legendary drum machine. Coinciding with the release is a new series of tutorials demonstrating Blocks integration.

REAKTOR Blocks 1.2 brings several new Blocks to Native Instruments’ rack-style modular framework. The Pitch CV Out Block sends pitch CV and Gate signals to external hardware. Convenient auto-calibration tunes oscillators and calibrates the pitch CV signal sent out of REAKTOR.
Calibration can be saved per snapshot. The Gates and Triggers Block generate up to four gates and triggers from incoming signals, allowing users to ping filters, trigger function generators and envelopes, clock sequencers, and much more. The MIDI Out module converts pitch and gate information from any Blocks patch into MIDI signals for controlling external MIDI gear. The module also functions as a four-channel CV to MIDI CC converter. These new devices also expand REAKTOR’s existing OSC capability, allowing users to transform incoming OSC signals into MIDI or CV/gate signals to control their external hardware.

REAKTOR Blocks 1.2 also marks the release of nine new Blocks that add enhanced functionality to MASCHINE and dedicated drum voices to the REAKTOR Blocks framework. The MASCHINE Sequencer Block is an eight-channel trigger sequencer designed to control Blocks patches directly the MASCHINE MK2 controller. The sequencer also features a Euclidean pattern generator that automatically creates new polyrhythmic structures within a sequence. The MASCHINE Sequencer Block is available free in the NI User Library. Niji Drum Blocks are eight drum modules that recreate the sound of a legendary drum machine. Combining these voices with the MASCHINE sequencer allows users to create their own custom drum machines.

Released in conjunction with the Blocks 1.2 update, Owen Vallis of the online education platform Kadenze has created a series of tutorials demonstrating how to integrate a setup – including hardware – with the new Blocks included in the update.

The Blocks 1.2 update is available free via the NI Service Center.

More information: Native Instruments / Reaktor