Reaktor 5

So, I finally started using Reaktor (better late than never I guess).

This modular synth probably doesn’t need an introduction. Native Instruments calls it an extremely versatile and powerful tool, and they’re not kidding! From a simple FM synth, to a drum sequencer or a comprehensive effect machine… Reaktor can be pretty much anything you want it to be.

It comes with a bunch of great ensembles, and I’ve browsed the Reaktor User Library to see what user content is available (a whole lot!).

I’ve already picked up a few great things from the usual suspects like Dieter Zobel, Rick Scott and Stephan V, but I’d like to see which ensembles are your favorites, and why. Save me some time you know…

Oh, and I’m especially interested in any ensembles which aren’t available from the NI User Library, the gems no one really knows about (yet…)