Reaktor Tips releases Vectorspace: Gestural Sequenced Sampler for Reaktor


Peter Dines of Reaktor Tips has released Vectorspace, a gestural sequenced sampler for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Reaktor Tips Vectorspace

Its sound at any given time is a superposition of gestural sequencers and effects. It also includes a sequeggiator – a probabilistic sequenced arpeggiator – that plays staggered chords as polyphonic sequences, creating a constantly evolving blend of rhythm and harmony.

It can also be played as a more traditional sampler, a soundscape creator or as a physically modelled synth using the sampled material as an exciter and the resonator effect as a body. The resonator is polyphonic and responsive to note and chord changes. Its partials can be tuned, damped and skewed to create bell, percussion and drum sounds, or abstract reverberations.

The sample position, sample length, grain spacing and envelope parameters can all be automated, as can the resonator, growl, filter and delay effects. Each XY fader can run in smooth or quantized mode, and quantized mode allows you to set individual clock speeds and sequence lengths for the X and Y axes of each automated fader. Quantized mode also gives you the opportunity to edit and fine tune the level of each step in a fader’s X and Y sequences.

It is impossible to predict precisely what sounds will be produced when you have various effects activated with different sequence lengths on different parameters. But at the same time, the gestures and sequence settings are under your control, so the end result will be a blend of your intent and the superposition of the cycling sequences. Think of it as an “inspire-o-graph” for sound, a machine collaborator to bounce back your ideas transformed.

Vectorspace comes with a comprehensive manual and mapping templates for Lemur, Konkreet Performer and QuNeo.

Vectorspace is available for purchase for the introductory price of $26.50 USD.

More information: Reaktor Tips / Vectorspace

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Updated to v1.0.1: Includes an intensity control for the Growl macro, allowing you to
set a more moderate upper limit to the sound mangling while still using the
pad’s full range of travel, and mappings for Antonio Blanca’s Lemur template
The Ring.