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Real Music Media releases free Kick drum sample set


Real Music Media has released a free Kick drum supplement for the Real Snare Drum.

This is a small sample set of a 22 inch Slingerland Kick Drum of the same vintage as the Real Snare Drum.

Kick drum sample set features

  • Velocity layers and round-robin switching.
  • sfz format, mapped to the black keys (midi note numbers 61, 63, 66, 68, 70) between the keys used in the Real Snare Drum mapping.
  • Combined mapping allows for the creation of extremely realistic-sounding beats with a minimum of effort.
  • Controls with CC# assignments:
    • CC# 27: amp eg decay time attenuation (default mode is no decay, i.e. the note plays to the end unaltered).
    • CC# 28: amp eg sustain level attenuation (default mode is sustain=100%).
    • CC# 29: amp eg release time attenuation (default mode is release=1.5+ seconds, i.e. the note plays to the end unaltered).
    • CC# 30: gain control for kick drum.

You’ll need a sfz capable sampler/player to use this sample set. A free sfz player by rgc:audio is available from Cakewalk.

The free kick drum sample set can be downloaded at the bottom of The Real Snare page.

Visit Real Music Media for more information.

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