Real Sound Lab CONEQ P2

Real Sound Lab has released the CONEQ P2, a two-channel equalizer used to correct the frequency response characteristics of loudspeakers from within a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

CONEQTM P2 features

  • A cost-saving solution of unabridged functionality and quality for accurate monitoring in home and project recording studios.
  • A budget option for flat near-field monitoring in pro-sound recording facilities.
  • An uncompromising intelligibility tool for computer-controlled fixed and commercial sound installations.

Note: To use CONEQ P2 plug-in, compatible CONEQ correction filters must be produced in the CONEQ Workshop application. To promote CONEQ P2 plug-in launch, Real Sound Lab supplies a free time-limited CONEQ Workshop license.

The CONEQ Workshop Limited (free of charge) + CONEQ P2 VST plug-in (Windows PC) bundle is available for 199 EUR (ex. VAT) / $259 USD + applicable tax.

Visit Real Sound Lab for more information.