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RealDrumSamples releases Ancient Astronaut Drums


RealDrumSamples releases Ancient Astronaut Drums, a drum sample pack.

Ancient Astronaut Drums

  • 10 ‘Heavy Gravitation‘ 808 Kicks (Intense low frequency magnetic pull)
  • 15 ‘Astronomical‘ Kicks (Kick your competitors off the planet)
  • 15 ‘High Magnitude‘ Snares (These are from another galaxy)
  • 15 ‘Supernova‘ Claps (Houston, we have a problem…)
  • 15 ‘Radiant’ Hi Hats (Grooves travelling at the speed of light)
  • 50 ‘Cosmic Exotic‘ Percussion Sounds (Spice up your beats with outer space flavours)

The sample pack is available for purchase for $1.99 USD.

More information: RealDrumSamples / Ancient Astronaut Drums

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