Realitone has announced the upcoming Kontakt instrument library Sunset Strings – Evolving Chamber Textures, a virtual instrument library for Kontakt and Kontakt Player, featuring the sounds of chamber strings recorded at United Recording in Hollywood (formerly Ocean Way).

A chamber ensemble of orchestral strings that bring movement, life, and musicality to the world of virtual instruments!
Recorded in Hollywood at the renowned Studio A of United Recording (formerly known as Ocean Way), this is the strings library we’ve been wanting to create for years.

The vast selection of extended techniques, textural sustains, and organic performances make this one of the most unique collections available, wrapped up in an engine designed to offer flexibility and promote creativity.

Articulations were recorded as an ensemble (5 violins, 3 violas, 3 celli), with Basses (3) recorded separately to offer greater control. Some articulations such as the Repetitions were recorded as soloists in their seating position within the ensemble. This provides a gorgeously detailed natural stereo image, you’ll think you’re actually there!

The instrument library is available for a special pre-sale price of $199.95 USD (regular $300 USD). You will receive the full Kontakt version now and the encoded Kontakt Player version will be available at no cost when it is ready in a few weeks.

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The offer is valid for a limited time only.

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