Realitone has announced the launch of a Spring Sale, offering discounts of up to 50% off on Kontakt instrument libraries for a limited time.

We didn’t have any sales last year, except for Black Friday and the Holidays. The theory being that with no sales through the year, then excitement builds to peak frenzy for Black Friday. (Plus all the purchases through the rest of the year are at full price, which sounds good to me!)

It’s a great theory … for me. And it works! But I feel kinda bad for the people who need Sunset Strings or the Ladies now, and can’t really wait until late November. Two of those people asked if we could do a spring sale. Two! That counts as “popular demand,” right? By golly, I say it does, so … By Popular Demand, Realitone’s Spring Sale Is On Now!

The following products are included in the promotion:

  • Sunset Strings $199 USD (regular $299 USD).
  • Hip Hop Creator $99 USD (regular $199 USD).
  • Realivox Blue $99 USD (regular $149 USD).
  • Realivox Ladies Lite $99 USD (regular $199 USD).
  • Realivox Ladies Complete $199 USD (regular $299 USD).
  • RealiDrums $99 USD (regular $199 USD).
  • Fingerpick $79 USD (regular $129 USD).
  • RealiBanjo $39 USD (regular $59 USD).
  • RealiWhistle $29 USD (regular $39 USD).
  • Acoustic Lite $29 USD (regular $39 USD).
  • Screaming Trumpet $99 USD (regular $149 USD).

The offer is valid at the Realitone store until April 24th, 2022.