Realsamples English Harpsichord - Edition Beurmann

Realsamples has released English Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann, a sample library featuring more than 3,600 single samples of a harpsichord built by Jacob Kirckman in 1766.

Due to its two manuals and many registers, the Kirckman harpsichord offers lots of unqiue sounds, sampled with 6 different register combinations, including the upper 8′, lower 8′ (principal 8′), both 8′ together, the 4′ register, the lute stop as well as the nasale stop only available with Kirckman harpsichords.

English Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann features

  • 6 different register combinations sampled: upper 8′, lower 8′, 2×8′, 4′, lute stop and nasale stop.
  • Sampled registers can be combined for even more sounds.
  • Each register recorded with 8 different samples of each note.
  • Ready to play HAlion/Reason/Kontakt/Independence/MachFive/VSampler3/EXS24 or GigaStudio presets.
  • Wave format (except GigaStudio version).
  • No mastering applied.
  • Recorded in 192 khz/24 bits resolution and downsampled.

English Harpsichord – Edition Beurmann is available on DVD in various formats (16bit/24bit) for $139.95 USD.

Visit Realsamples for more information.