Realsamples Italian Harpsichord II

Realsamples has released Italian Harpsichord II – Edition Beurmann, a sample library featuring an Italian Harpsichord.

The Italian Harpsichord II library features an instrument built around 1590 by an anonymous maker. Being very typical for the Italian style, the instrument features a housing seperated from the painted cabinet.

Italian Harpsichord II – Edition Beurmann features

  • 8 different samples of each note.
  • 4 different release sounds of each note.
  • ready to play HAlion®/Kontakt2®/EXS24® or GigaStudio3® presets.
  • wave format (except GigaStudio® version).
  • no mastering applied.
  • recorded in 192 khz/24 bits resolution and downsampled.
  • DVD or CD set.
  • license-free applicable in your music.

Italian Harpsichord II – Edition Beurmann is available to purchase for $139.95 USD excl. VAT and postage.

More information: Realsamples / Italian Harpsichord II – Edition Beurmann