Reason Studios has announced the availability of Reason 12, an update to the music production software featuring a new version of the most popular Reason device: The Combinator.

Earlier this year Reason Studios announced the release of Reason 12. Since then, users of the subscription service Reason+ have been given early access to some of the new features.

The all-new Combinator allows users to combine several Reason devices and package them up into one single device that can be saved and shared as a reusable preset. The Combinator is now highly customizable and lets the user change panel size, knobs, faders, buttons, and graphics to build the perfect patch—powered by Reason’s synths and effects inside.

“Updating the Combinator is one of our top feature requests ever, for good reason. Whether you love designing powerful device-like patches or just want more sounds, this update really levels up the Reason Rack. We have already seen some super creative patches from the Reason community, and I can’t wait to see more,” says Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager at Reason Studios.

Together with an updated browser, high resolution graphics (including every third-party Rack Extension add-on) and the Mimic Creative Sampler, the new Combinator completes the release of Reason 12.

Reason 12 features

  • Powerful virtual instrument rack plugin and standalone music production software.
  • Runs in any DAW as a VST, AU, and AAX Plugin.
  • 18 premium instruments.
  • 29 audio effects.
  • 12 MIDI effects and utilities.
  • Sound Bank with tens of thousands of device presets, loops and samples.
  • Expandable Rack of instruments and effects with third-party Rack Extension devices.
  • Easy to get started, yet as deep as you want to go. Reason quickly gets the sound you need but lets you go deep in building your own multi-instrument and effect dream creations.
  • With Reason’s custom cabling on the back of the Rack and its advanced Combinator device, you are free to explore, tweak and sound like you.

Reason 12 is available for purchase at Reason Studios and from distributor Plugin Boutique, priced $399 USD (upgrades from $129 USD). Reason+ subscribers can download it in the Reason+ Companion app.