Reason Studios has announced the release of its new Rack Extension BV-X Multimode Vocoder, a modern take on the classic vocoder effect.

The creative effect gives you unprecedented control over the classic vocoder effect. It is capable of vintage robot voices, fresh dynamic vocoder sounds, lush backing vocals, radical vocal effects, bubbling synth textures, and more.

It just got easier than ever to take your vocals in a new direction, even if you can’t sing. BV-X is simple to set up but totally tweakable so you can focus on the fun stuff: experimenting and finding a sound that’s right for you.

It comes with 150+ patches, ranging from classic vocoder sounds to out-of-this-world vocal processing. Whether you’re looking for that classic vocoder sound, subtle harmonies, vocal sweeteners, or sci-fi sounds and robot voices—BV-X has you covered.

BV-X Multimode Vocoder is priced $99 USD / 109 EUR, and available as Rent-to-own for 9.99 USD/EUR per month. The Rack Extension is included in Reason+.

To celebrate the launch of the BV-X, Reason Studios is offering new users 3 months of Reason+ for just $3 USD. Use coupon code 333 at checkout to take advantage of the offer, which expires April 30th, 2022.

More information: Reason Studios