Dangerous Music has launched some new music tip videos, including “How to Make a GRAMMY-Winning Recording”, in which Al Pryor and engineer Todd Whitelock explain how they recorded Christian McBride’s 2016 GRAMMY-winning track Cherokee using Dangerous Music gear.

Al Pryor, the executive vice president of Mack Avenue Records, and engineer Todd Whitelock discuss how they have crafted Grammy® winning jazz records over the past 11 years together, and the recording equipment responsible, including their choice of digital to analog converters. Mack Avenue’s recording of bassist Christian McBride’s Trio “Live At The Village Vanguard” won the ‘Best Improvised Jazz Solo’ Grammy for Christian in 2016.

“Todd understands how to capture the sound of an acoustic instrument, which is of critical importance to Mack Avenue Records in building its own sound that aspires to what the great labels — Blue Note, CBS Masterworks — have done. We have been on this constant search for the tools that will help us get there. Dangerous Music is foremost among companies that understand the transition from the analog to the digital world to help us bridge the gap to get there,” says Al Pryor in the video. Todd Whitelock adds, “Dangerous Music has the clarity and transparency that I knew Al was going to like. It has changed, literally, the way we make records.”

In another video, engineer Michael James shows how you can tighten the low-end while adding high-end sparkle and sheen to a track.

Mixing engineer Michael James demonstrates how to enhance a track by using the ‘X-Former’ knob on Dangerous Music’s 2-BUS+ analog summing mixer. Hear how it sounds on the pop music track “Live the Dream” by Danielle Lopresti.

The X-Former processor “tightens up the low end and adds sheen and sparkle, a different type of harmonic content,” says James in the video.

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